Atif Aslam Hitting Hollywood Again


Atif Aslam’s popularity definitely is a stranger to boundaries. Starting his music career with the pop band Jal and eventually walking along with a bag full of success on his shoulders, Atif is undoubtedly the best ace in the sleeves of the country’s music industry. Having released just three albums – Jal Pari in 2004, Doorie in 2006 and Meri Kahani in 2007 – and performing for the soundtracks of several Bollywood films, the singer has accomplished too much to be known as nothing short of a legend. The hot word surrounding the 29-year old singer is that he is set to make a comeback in Hollywood.

It should be recalled that it is not the first time Atif is working with musicians from the United States as he previously did a project with none other than original band members of the world’s most dangerous band, Guns N’ Roses. Apart from this, he did three songs for an American independent movie titled ‘Man Push Cart’ back in 2005.

Currently, the voice of hearts is working on a project titled ‘The Dream Awakes’ which will be collaboration with either John Mayer or Chris Martin. Indeed Atif Aslam is the most valuable asset for the Pakistani music industry.

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