Meera’s Psychological Thriller ‘5 Ghantey Mien 5 Crore’ Releasing March 16


Amidst the announcement of getting engaged and then denial of it and then confirmation and then uncertainty as to when the marriage will eventually take place, one thing that Meera has been definite about is of being retired from Lollywood. It seems like things have been done in a hurry by her, because while she has perfectly planned to retire and get settled in life, some of her work is still left to be completed complying with her commitments for them.

One of the projects on which she just finished her work is her new Indian psychological thriller film 5 Ghantey Mien 5 Crore. The film is in post-production now and will be released on March 16th, which is a delayed date as it was earlier supposed to be in theatres by February 24th. The film has been directed by Faisal Saif who said:

“We had to delay it as couple of different issues came up together. The main reason was actually the Board Exams that are currently being held here in India but the finishing work on the prints is also not complete and they will arrive somewhere around the end of this month from US.”

The film will be released in India, Pakistan, the UK and the U.S. simultaneously, but for UAE and Germany distributors are still be sought for. There is yet another project, which will perhaps be the last film of Meera that is still awaiting release, Om Allah.

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