Meera completed her English language course


Famous Pakistani model/actress Meera finally completed her English language course.



It’s been decade; I have been seeing Meera on television screen, since then there is hardly any quarter in a year Meera didn’t hit the media without any news. Well, coming back to the point; apart from her controversies; Meera is popularly famous for her English. Back then I remember there was a video which went viral on social media and YouTube in which Meera was to interview famous fashion Photographer Tapu Javeri. I can bet that no one could stay still after seeing that hilarious video.

Leaving past apart, the news is that Meera is finally a graduated with English language degree from Canada. She has successfully completed her course from Canada and America. The course was of two months; and she will be awarded with degree after 15 days.

She was later spotted in a fashion show; interviewed in English and to everyone’s surprise she spoke well. A good news indeed, atleast we can expect that our actress can now converse in ‘Angrazi’ and will picture educated image of Pakistan.

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