Noori is Back with Something New and Different in Their Latest Album


After a long musical hiatus, the band Noori has decided to get back on the music track with a new song ‘Taaron se Agay’. They have been separated since 2005. The Band is now planning to launch its new album after their concert held at the IBA Main Campus in Karachi on February 19, Sunday. They have promised to give their fans something of a new flavor from them this time.

Noori Band news line up with Faraz Anwar and Zeeshan Pervaiz

There are other musical talents who have featured in on this album, with guitar maestro Faraz Anwar from Mizraab and the musician/Video producer and director, Zeeshan Parwez making into it. The band Noori is expected to perform in Islamabad at Rock Musicarium on February 25th. This performance will also be released as Pakistan’s first Live Concert CD.

What is different about this album is that Ali Hamza has sung most of the songs on it instead of the band’s former lead vocalist, his brother Ali Noor. Ali Noor explains the reason for not being on the front this time saying:

 “I was losing my focus as a musician and watching Hamza and Gumby take the front seat in the next album is helping me evolve myself.”

During an interview with the Express Tribune, Ali Noor also said:

“Fans need to realise that we, as a band, are on an evolutionary journey and that they will have to remain as open-hearted to us as we have been to them.”

Ali Zafar is also full of praises for Ali Hamza expressing his recognition by saying:

“Ali Hamza is one of the very few artists who have managed to sustain his innocence, sincerity and simplicity towards music.”

Ali Noor has also promised his fellow band-members that they will from now on make music together or never. Gumby, the band’s drummer, told during an interview that:

“I inquired about the future of Noori to which Noor answered, ‘From now on, we make music together or we don’t make music at all’.”

Though their comeback has been much welcomed, but their new song has received mixed response with some missing the old Noori sound to it. To explain the further surprises the fans may get, Ali Hamza said:

“After the folksy ‘Aik Alif’ and other musical fusions that we have made, we are no longer restricted to one genre hence we can’t really classify our upcoming tracks.”

But their music has received a warm response from India during their first-ever performance tour there. Ali Hamza shares their experience saying:

“We respect the mutual lineage we share with the Indians, which is why when we went there to perform we tried to make it more than just business and commerce.”

They have been offered by Bollywood to sing, but so far, they have decided not to be on the same train to Bollywood music and movies. Ali Noor explains their decision to stay away saying:

“The fact that Bollywood is so high-end and there is no room for mistakes struck me hard. Frankly speaking, I don’t think I am ready for that right now.”

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