Riya Sen and Veena Malik Are Love Rivals Who Shot Separately for Zindagi 50-50


Even though the Indian film industry is sufficiently large enough not to get congested for anyone, but for some people, it becomes a closed space of sorts. The recent case of having found and lost love and being deceived in not knowing who Mr. Right is, Riya Sen holds a love-rivalry against Veena Malik. Riya was once associated with Veena’s ex-romance, Ashmit Patel, who is not famous for anything else other than making controversial news and for being the brother of one-time-famous-for Kaho Na Pyaar Hai’s Amisha Patel.

But Riya Sen has had more controversies in her life than facing up to Veena Malik. It has been reported that working on the same project, Zindagi 50-50 is getting a little harder for Riya as she is not comfortable sharing the same screen with Veena. To avoid creating any further issues between the two actresses, the production team had scheduled their shoots separately so that they would not have to face each other.

On the matter, Riya Sen said:

“I don’t have any shots with Veena. It was not mentioned in the script. And even the title track of the film will be shot separately with both of us.”

But not to give an impression that the shoots were done separately because of the past both Riya and Veena share, the director Rajiv Ruia said:

“Riya plays an upcoming actress, and Veena a sex worker. They are not related in any way hence we have shot them separately.”

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