Music Video: Zeb and Haniya – Chal Diye


Here’s Zeb and Haniya’s Official video for Chal Diye, made by a very talented young film maker and animator, Nida Fatima Khan. Here’s what she has to say about the video:

“The production for the music video took about four months. For this music video, I wanted to pay homepage traditional Miniature Painting, that is why most of the environments for the project are influenced by Islamic Art. And it was important to use Islamic geometric patterns for the interiors and existing historical buildings of Lahore, such as, the Wazir Khan Mosque, as references for the architecture. The garden islands, clouds, and, foliage are derived from Persian Miniature Paintings, which are an important part of Pakistani Art History. It was important not to replicate elements from these paintings but instead to recreate them in a more contemporary representation, and still keep the feel of the original art form. “

Watch the Official Music Video – Chal Diye by Zeb and Haniya:


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