Zeb Bangash not being given credit for her Highway song


Pakistani singer Zeb Bangash is not being given enough credit for the song “Sooha Saha” she sung for Bollywood movie Highway. On all the media websites, the credits of this song are given to Alia Bhatt only.

Zeb Bangash

“Sooha Saha”, composed by A.R Rahman, has been completely presented by media as it is sung by Alia Bhatt only, which is wrong and not true. Most of the people don’t even know the fact that Zeb also sang the song. Zeb is a famous mainstream artist and was recently signed by T-Series for the song. But, the company sidelined the artist and gave all the credit to Alia.

Newsmakers from Pakistan are a little upset on this matter and have taken some steps against T-Series to make sure the artist gets the credit she deserved.

The issue was raised and was taken to Mahesh Bhatt as well. In a talk with Roznama Express, he said:

It is very important for an artiste to be paid and given credit for the work he or she has done.

He further said:

As far as Zeb and my daughter’s song is concerned, I believe that the credit should go to both of them. If the uploaded version of the song only has Alia’s name in the credits, then it is utterly wrong. I will speak to the T series authorities regarding this matter and soon there will be a positive conclusion. I have always worked for the stability of the relationship between India and Pakistan. I would never want the credit that a Pakistani artiste or singer deserves to be given to someone else.”

Media also tried to contact Imtiaz Ali, however, he was busy in Europe shooting for his next movie, so he excused and said he would not make any comment on this matter.

Well! This may create disharmony between these two countries. So, they should resolve this conflict as soon as possible and give enough credit to the other singer who deserves it.

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