Farhan Saeed (of Jal) to sing and act in Bollywood movie ‘Qasam Se Qasam Se’


    Farhan Saeed Butt on Jal Band will sing and act in Bollywood Movie Qasam Se Qasam SeFarhan Saeed, Lead Vocalist of JAL the band, will make his presence felt in India after lending his voice and act in the upcoming Bollywood Movie “Qasam Se Qasam Se”, reports Hindustan Times.

    After so many Pakistani Singers trying their luck with bollywood playback singing, the new-kid in town is none other than Farhan Saeed Butt, who is a band member of popular Pakistani Band, JAL. According to Hindustan times, Farhan has recorded a song titled ‘Mithi Yaadein‘ for Ashfaque Makrani’s directorial film ‘Qasam Se Qasam Se’. The song Mithi yaadein is farewell party song to receollect the golden moments of college life.

    When the Indian Editor and now Film director, Ashfaque Makrani, was asked the reason of choosing a Pakistani singer, he said candidly:

    “We needed a voice tinged with nostalgia, according to the film’s situation. Farhan’s voice perfectly suited this song Mithi Yaadein… very well. Once anyone hears it, they will like it for sure.”

    It is also worth noticing here that the news article is giving importance to the solo artist, and not the band he relates to. According to the same media report, Farhan was also in India two days ago to perform and act in the song, where as we have been hearing here rumors like Farhan has left JAL and is visiting London these days.

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