Zeb and Haniya in Coke Studio Season 6 – Artist Profile



From groovy blues to the complex melodies of local tradition, delving into sounds in a number of languages, Zeb and Haniya are a duo that have proven their mettle in the foray of world experimental music. Transcending national boundaries the pair have seen their music grow through their experience in a myriad of genres and cultural influences from Central Asia and the Subcontinent.

The girls from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa first received acclaim for their debut album entitled ‘Chup’ in 2008 after which they were featured in both Seasons 2 and 3 of Coke Studio seeing songs like ‘Paimona’ and ‘Bibi Sanam Janam’ become instant hits for the duo. With a multiethnic and original approach that resonates in their work, Zeb and Haniya have become a household name within the Pakistani music industry as well as ambassadors for the diverse sounds of the region.

‘When we were younger, all we had was PTV. There was Folk and Pop music; we grew up listening to the same music. But with time, during the 90’s the youth stopped listening to Folk. Coke Studio has been able to bring the listenership for this kind of music back. It is great to be able to see both Folk and pop on the same platform, giving people a feel of both. ‘ – Haniya

‘We’ve learnt a lot by performing abroad. One thing that really moves us and stands out is that the audience is varied, there are lots of people who don’t understand the language but they respond to the music, especially our Folk music irrespective of where the music originates. What’s interesting is how people come up and tell us that what they hear is a lot like their own musical traditions. This gets us thinking about our cultural history and this changes our perceptions as artists. There’s something about our region’s music where you’ll find a bit of everything in it.’ – Zeb

This Season, Coke Studio welcomes Zeb and Haniya back with their unique musical blend.

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