Sharmila Farooqui shouting and fighting with a passenger in plane (Video clip as seen on national electronic media)


Sharmila Farooqui fighting with Ali mirza in aeroplaneHere is the video clip, as seen on Pakistani electronic media today, showing Advicer to Sindh Government, Sharmila Farooqui shouting and fighting with a young guy (said to be an American national) in the plane.

According to the news reports, A Pakistan-born United States national complained to the Airport Security Force (ASF) at Jinnah International Airport on Thursday that he had been slapped and yelled at by Adviser to the Sindh Chief Minister on Information and Media Sharmila Farooqi, simply because he had asked her to step aside so he could get to his seat, a private Pakistani TV channel reported.

Ali Mirza, the US national, said he had just asked Sharmila to move out of the way and she turned around and slapped him in front of a plane full of passengers. Earlier, he said, Sharmila had also misbehaved with other passengers including the air hostesses, said Mirza .

Later on, as reported by news channels, Sharmila has filed a first information report(FIR) against Ali Mirza, who is said to be a member of a political party in the US, and the matter is with the police now.

Watch out the video yourself and see if this clip should have been played on electronic mass media or not ?


here is another video in which Dunya News anchor talked to both the parties – Sharmila Farooqui and Ali Mirza – about what happened actually:


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