Shiraz Uppal Returns To Music


It has been quite a while since the Pakistani music industry last heard from Shiraz Uppal – the man with majestic and captivating vocals. In the February of this year, the singer left his dedicated fans in a stage of shock and heart broken when he decided to leave the music biz for the sake of Islam. The hottest buzz about Shiraz is like he has decided to return to the work he is known for.

Shiraz Uppal Return To Pakistani Music

The news is confirmed by his manager Rj Bilawal. Shiraz expressed his thoughts and said, “Allah gave me all the talent, fame and above all “Respect” and everything I have and I am really grateful Alhamdulillah, I was going through a phase of my life where I felt that whatever I was doing was not right… So I quit back in Feb. 2012… I was listening only to scholars who say that music is forbidden… Where as there are even more who say that its not but i never paid attention to them,” He added.

The Veteran musician also gave an example to elaborate his return to the music, and said,” Just for your info. Music is being used in 52 states of US to treat patients and it cures by the hukam of Allah… Its called music therapy where patients are supposed to listen to soothing music for 1 hour a day… And moreover this treatment is a reimbursable one like other treatments in hospitals…”

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