Veena Malik Is In Search Of a Perfect Face For Her New Movie


Veena Malik, Pakistani controversy queen has now decided to wear Burqa. Dont judge her wrong, the miracle isn’t happening without a purpose, as she is roaming on the streets of Mumbai in order to find a perfect character for her upcoming movie,”The City that Never Sleeps”, and while walking on the road she does not want to be mobbed by the public and is the only possible reason for her decision to wear burqa.

The Model turned actress doesn’t want to take any chance for her upcoming movie, as she said,”It’s big movie for me and I don’t want to take any chance so I have decided I personally walk around the streets of Mumbai and search the perfect face which will suit.”

The movie is going to be directed by Haroon Rashid and producer of the film is Satish Reddy. According to the press release the movie is going to break 20 records from Guinness book.

The film will be bringing various international flavour to the viewers,as people would be viewing a fusion of actors and actresses from different countries like the UK, the US, Pakistan, Ukraine and Russia. The Bollywood stars also feature in the movie along with four music directors and twenty supporting directors to complete the film within seven days to first copy out.

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