Strings and Zoe Viccaji – Mera Bichra Yaar (Audio/Video Review)


Levis the originals inspire Strings Zoe Viccaji and Bilal KhanThe Background:

Okay, so we all know how Coca-Cola, combined with the effort of Rohail Hyatt, started the trend of resuscitating the music industry of Pakistan. That’s not the only achievement formation of Coke/Hyatt (Coke Studio) has seen so far; they even went on to inspire Ufone – a telecommunication company in Pakistan – who introduced the ultimate Uth Records.

After this incredible hysteria, came Levi’s, a brand of denim clothing, who are getting involved with the music scene of Pakistan as well.

They have started an ad campaign known as “Levi’s: The Originals Inspire” that showcases the potential Zoe Viccaji and Bilal Khan collaborating with Strings.

“Levi’s: The Originals Inspire is about how Strings are the originals and Zoe and Bilal are inspired by the originals,” said Adnan Malik, the executive producer and the director of the music videos of the campaign.

So, hopefully the introduction was well-enough; let the review begin.

Audio/Video Review:

Strings and Zoe Viccaji have come-up together with an idea to revitalize one of their ever-green songs “Mera Bichra Yaar”, in acapella style. And for those of you who don’t know, acapella is basically singing without a musical accompaniment.

Zoe Viccaji for Levis The originals InspirePersonally, “Mera Bichra Yaar” is one of my favorite tracks from Strings, and having to know that a new version is in the making was definitely great news for me. And after hearing this new version, which certainly brought some new dimensions, I must appreciate the vocals of Zoe Viccaji, the lady who also works as one of the backing-vocalist of Coke Studio. But however, even though I’m in love with this version, I cannot commit the mistake of comparing this to the original one as I strongly believe that the original is, was, and will be the best no matter what happens. Period.

Adnan Malik must be given brownie points as he’s done a nice job in portraying the feel of loneliness in the video. Strings’ duo, Faisal Kapadia and Bilal Maqsood, also appear in the video but just for a short amount of time. With that said, I’m slightly disappointed on the length of the song as I think it could’ve been a longer track.

Overall, I’d say this is a must-listen track for all of the Strings fans and for all of those who believe in encouraging new talent. Audio-wise, it’s a peaceful song, and having to hear the vocals of Bilal and Faisal were a special treat. Strings, no doubt, are special, and I hope Zoe will not be a one-hit wonder; I want to see more from this pretty lady. Last, but certainly not the least, the idea of bringing these guys together should be applauded as it’s an innovative idea indeed.


Audio: 8/10
Video: 9/10

Click here to watch the Official video and download audio mp3 of Zoe Viccaji Feat. Strings – Mera Bichra Yaar

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