Veena Malik’s ‘Jawani’ exposed in new Indian reality TV Show BIG TOSS (Video)


Veena Malik Sexy dance in Indian Reality show Big Toss

Yup, just to make it clear, we are not talking in this post about Veena’s appearance in reality TV show called Big Boss. Its one step ahead and is called Big Toss which will take Veena to new heights in Indian Media Industry.

Those who were worried about her weird scenes in Big Boss, can get offended more after watching the below embedded video clip, as she is all ready to expose herself in front of millions of global viewers who actually ‘love’ her.

As part of the opening ceremony of the new show Bigg Toss which is specially designed for Cricket World Cup 2011. Veena Malik was seen performing an item number “Sheila Kee Jawani” AGAIN  in a HOTn’SHORT Saari exposing her hotness to millions of Viewers world wide.

As per some media reports, she will be appearing in the show through out the whole season and her fellow partner will be none other than her Indian counterpart and Bomb shell – Rakhi Sawant.

We really enjoyed watching this performance (hope Veena won’t slap us with ‘aap kyun dekh rahay thay’) , most probably you guys would also enjoy in same spirit and leave a comment in the section below.

Watch Sheela* oops we mean Veena

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