Mekaal Hasan OR Band in Coke Studio Season 4 ???


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Today’s post is about the possibility of the inclusion of Mekaal Hasan or his whole band in Coke Studio’s Upcoming Season 4.

Mekaal Hasan Band in Coke Studio Season 4

If you are a fan of Mekaal Hasan or have listened a couple of the band’s songs , its not that difficult to imagine what the band’s music is all about. In this Modern Era, not many bands are there in Pakistan who can make a perfect fusion of western music and eastern vocals. The band has also greatly contributed towards ‘Sufi Music’ and with their hits like Chal Bulleya, Waris Shah, Rabba and so many other tracks MHB has successfully given a tribute to the poetry of some very well-known poets and Sufis such as Bulleh Shah, Amrita Pritam etc.

If you are wondering what can be the connection of Mekaal Hasan Band with Coke Studio , then let us reveal that Pakistan’s premier music Producer and the owner of critically acclaimed Sufi Rock Band Mekaal Hasan has made his space to Coke Studio.

If you remember MHB’s first vocalist ‘Jawad Bashir’ who recently released an album in India, he has also been featured in Coke Studio. It seems impossible that the vocalist of the band makes it to Coke Studio while the base, the band’s backbone, haven’t yet performed on the magical platform. It is very much obvious now that Mekaal Hassan will be the part of Coke Studio season 4.

The question popping into our minds is that whether Mekaal Hasan will only play in Coke Studio or his new younger vocalist Asad Abbas will also appear in the season.

As per THE NEWS (not Jang Wala, its Hamara Wala), we are only hearing about Mekaal Hassan in the Coke Studio Sessions and not a single source revealed Asad Abbas inclusion in the CS4. This is also pretty obvious due to certain factors: Firstly, MHB’s ace vocalist Javed left the band last year to pursue his solo career, the band might not want to expose the talent of new vocalist who when become popular can also choose the same way as Javed Bashir chose. Second possibility can also be that Asad Abbas is not enough mature to be a part of high profile Coke Studio.

We are just hoping and optimistic about some kick ass performance by Mekaal Hassan in this session. Those who have forgotten, He(Mekaal Hasan) is one of the finest music producer and sound engineer of Pakistan and is the guy behind many hit tracks in Pakistan.

Keep checking this space as we have so much to reveal about ‘Inside Coke Studio’.

Have a good Sunday =)

Updated on 6/3/2011 : We have just confirmed from the sources that Asad Abbas – the lead vocalist of Mekaal Hasan Band – will also be featuring in the Coke Studio Season4.

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