Abida Parveen has no time for Bollywood


    Some of the most cherished songs in Pakistan’s musical history have come from Abida Parveen, ghazal and kalam singer – who really does not need an introduction. Abida’s music has touched the lives of many and she is famous the world over. Yet she will still not hop aboard the bandwagon that is Bollywood music.

    “The taste and touch of Sufi music started coming in Bollywood through my song ‘Thaiyyan Thaiyyan’, which was converted into ‘Chaiyyan Chaiyyan’ (Dil Se),” Abida says, “then it started spreading and many films started having songs with a Sufi touch. Today it has become really popular in Bollywood, which is a good thing. These songs keep love and humanity intact. That’s why these songs connect with people and touch souls.”

    While Abida thinks the spread of Sufi music through commercial cinema is a positive sign and she herself has had many offers to contribute to the same, she finds that she has no time to indulge that particular aspect of her career yet. “I have immersed myself in Sufi music and to spread that message across is what I am busy doing,” Abida explains, “it’s a time-consuming thing to spread the message of Sufism and that is why I have not got enough time to say yes to any of the film offers till now.”

    Despite not saying yes to Indian films just as yet, Abida still regularly performs in India. “Music is a very good way of spreading love and peace between India and Pakistan,” she believes, “music is the gift of god and it always helps in connecting and bringing people together.”

    Source : Instep News

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