Cartel 7 – Marmalade (Official Music Video)



Band: Cartel 7
Song: Marmalade
Composition/Lyrics/Vocals/Guitars: Adonis Husser
Drums/Bass: Salman Albert
Keyboards: Farhan Albert
Music arrangement: CARTEL 7 and Salman Albert
Video directed by: CARTEL 7
Audio Production: Albert Studios
3rd release from “Albert Studios Compilation Album 1”

CARTEL 7 is a London based band and has 3 members, Adonis Husser on Guitar and Vocals, Estrado Sporanzi, Bass and vocals and David Fence on Drums. Adonis is the founder of the band and has spent a lot of time in Pakistan. CARTEL 7 have been influenced and play primarily in the Rock/Alternative/Grunge Genre. They have a passion for good music and a strong affinity of writing catchy and melodic tunes. They are influenced by many bands of the 80’s and 90’s and that sound is ever present in their music. CARTEL 7 formed in Jan 2013 and recently released their debut album “Harmony in Noise” in October 2013. They are planning to commence some gigging in U.K since it is time to play for the public. Anonymity has been a great choice and for reasons that cannot be explained, as long as it remains, it somehow feels right. Having said that, expect some gigs in the future and some live music from the Album and new songs.

Watch music video below:

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