Ban imposed on Bollywood films by Lahore High Court


Ban imposed on Bollywood films by Lahore High Court

How far can Mubashir Luqman go?

ban bollywood films in Pakistani cinemasA wave of pleasure has ran through Pakistani film makers as Lahore High Court has put up a ban on the exhibition of Illegal Bollywood films in native cinemas and stayed the proceedings in this regard till further order. This rit petition was submitted by ARY News “Khara Sach” anchor person Mubashir Luqman. Now a discussion has started on social and print media in favor of or against the ban / stay order.

As Mubashir Luqman is an established journalist and media personality, so the petition has become much important. This is a part of the series of clash between Mubashir Luqman and Jang / Geo group. “Aman ki Asha” and educational campaign “Zara Socheay” are on the hit list of Luqman. These days he is doing “Khara Sach” on the same issues and related matters.

Press conferences have also been held by both the cinema owners and local film makers to describe their view point. Right now, local film makers are rejoicing on getting a decision in their favor. Film director Altaf Hussain said he doesn’t care at all even if the theatres showing Indian films are closed down either. Syed Noor said local film makers will produce more films to fulfill the needs of theatres and won’t let cinema industry suffer. While the cinema owners had totally opposite sayings like Pakistani films have become so low standard that they can’t support and give them space, they can’t bear the huge financial loss in case of ban, and that it’s a total conspiracy against Pakistan film industry etc.

It’s quite true that the recent cine-going culture especially in upper class is only because of Indian films and they have played their role in reviving cinema industry but if the theatre owners refuse straight away to show local films, it won’t be a good decision at all, that too after the successful phase of Pakistani productions in 2013. If a transformer like Waar couldn’t change their belief about the local films and talent, then nothing can persuade them to display their own films and show a sense of patriotism.

Anyway, we are seeing the secrets being unearthed by Luqman. Apparently, these things are looking in country’s welfare but what is going on deep down, no one can say anything. People are taking interest in it as the controversial matters are sold here like hot cake. A new Pandora box is opened; different things are coming on surface gradually and the matter of ban on Bollywood films is one of them; and many behind the curtain faces are going to be exposed with the passage of time!

Interesting point is that the opening of this Pandora box is going in favor of native film industry which is, at present, trying to stand upon its feet and the decision by Lahore High Court is a great and much needed support for it. It appears that the petition by Luqman and stay order by court has held the hand of local industry. Let’s see how the wind blows!

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