Amy Hopegood – Hallelujah (Cover) – Official Music Video/Download Mp3


Artist: Amy Hopegood
Song: Hallelujah (Cover)
Music: Salman Albert
Drums/Guitars/Bass: Salman Albert
Keyboards: Farhan Albert
D.O.P: Imran Mani
Post: Tauqeer Abbas
Video Production: Creative Village
Audio Production: Albert Studios

Amy Hopegood is a composer, songwriter and singer. Her journey with music began when she began, or it could be the other way round. At the age of six she discovered that she could play any song by ear and since then Amy has never tried to define music but rather music defined her. She is currently recording her album “Unspoken Volumes.” Amy’s music is influenced by soul and the Motown spirit, as well as by world music. She believes in connecting the dots between the worlds old music and reconnecting this generation and the next with the one universal language of all souls and beings. Her songs often have Arabian or Spanish notes right along melodies with Beatles’, 70’s rock and pop and ancient and medieval all in a true fusion. Unspoken Volumes lyrics written by Amy delve into the depths of the Universal Human connection in as far as the rabbit hole can possibly go. Music and songwriting to her is not a profession, but a calling.

Hallelujah is a cover of two songs, both Hallelujah. One is in English and the other in Arabic. Hallelujah is an Arabic and Hebrew word that means praise God, praise Allah. It’s universal and belongs to every living being, each says it in a unique way. Every Hallelujah, perfect or broken, is valid.

Watch music video below:

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