Zoraiz Riaz – Dil Ko Tum Ne (Official Music Video)


Zoraiz Riaz Dil Ko TumneArtist: Zoraiz Riaz
Song: Dil ko tum ne
Music: Farhan Albert
Composition/Lyrics: Zoraiz Riaz
Guitars/Bass: Salman Albert
Drums/Keyboards: Farhan Albert
Director: Zoraiz Riaz
D.O.P: Zoraiz Riaz/Salman Riaz
Lead role male: Murtaza Ali
Lead role female: Sheher Bano
Post: ZRS Productions
Video production: Creative Village
Audio Production: Albert Studios

Here is the full official video of Albert Studio’s 7th release from “Albert Studios Compilation Album 1

Zoraiz Riaz Syed belongs to the city of Lahore. He started music when he was too young but with the passage of time his musical talent got polished and matured, soon he thoughtfully jumped into composing music and writing lyrics himself along with singing.

Zoraiz in collaboration with Shiraz Uppal, launched his first single named Janay Anjanay featuring MAHNOOR KHAN in the video, from BOL THE MOVIE .

His voice and music skills have inspired a lot of serious music listeners. Zoraiz is inspired by the artists like John Mayer, Daughtry and Nickleback. He is planning to record an album and release it with an international record label and as far as his studies are concerned, his aim is to do PhD in Economics.

Watch Zoraiz Riaz’s Official music video below:

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