Ali Zafar’s New Bollywood Flick Gets an ‘Adult’ Rating


ali zafar new film gets adult ratingAli Zafar’s new Bollywood film London, Paris, NewYork is already receiving a buzz. People are excited and anxiously waiting to watch it. But now the movie has received an ‘Adult’ or ‘A’ certificate from the censor board due to some steamy scenes between Ali Zafar and his co-star Aditi Rao. For such scenes, the film had come under criticism when its trailers were released online and on television.

Ali Zafar’s fans back home in Pakistan do not expect such controversial appearances from him who is married with one child. The producers want that their film reach a broader audience and it could not happen with an ‘A’ as its rating. Hence, they have decided to cut out those scenes where Ali Zafar kisses his co-star. The filmmakers aim for a ‘U/A’ rating, which means that children need partial guidance to watch it. This will allow younger audiences to enjoy the film for whom it has been made in the first place

If they would lose their target audience for the entire film because of one controversial scene rated as ‘A’, they prefer to drop it out wisely. The CEO of the production company, Vijay Singh has said:

“We got an ‘Adults’ certificate for the trailer. But we’re aiming for a ‘U/A’. Unlike Delhi Belly that targeted an adult audience, our film is for a much younger audience. We will modify the sex reference in the relevant scene.”

Not only the filmmakers are feeling uncomfortable with such a tag on their film, but Ali Zafar himself was not agreeing to do such scenes and wants to be careful about his image to his people back at home who culturally view such things as despicable.

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