[Rumor]: Veena Malik To Enter Politics In Future


Controversial photo shoots, performing sensual item songs, starring in Bollywood films alongside big names – the devil’s favorite Pakistani has done it all but one must ask: what is next for Veena Malik’s career? As of late, the model-turned-actress did mention that her ultimate goal is to be a singer but there is another hot word buzzing around to ignite the curiosity. Veena Malik has expressed her desire to possibly enter the vast field of politics in the future.

After rumors about her father joining Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-insfaf (PTI) with the desire of her daughter doing the same, Malik had another interview with The Express Tribune and stated, “Whenever there is something wrong going on in society my blood boils and sometimes I wish to be a part of this system so I can change things.” Opportunities are always there and so is the courage of Malik.

When asked about the issues she will focus on if she possibly enter politics, the actress said, “the freedom to live life the way one wants to be.” It should be recalled that earlier this year, PML-N Senator Mushahidullah Khan requested Veena to be a member of the Senate during next elections. The bold Veena Malik has certainly changed the face of every field she has entered and one must imagine what the critical fate of politics will be if she ever steps foot in it.

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