Ayesha Omar in Coke Studio Season 6 – Artist Profile


    In walks Ayesha Omar – an artist that finds a bit of herself in each art form around her. Beginning with the basics of Classical Singing by Rustam Fateh Ali Khan of the Patiala Gharana to her mastery in Painting from Lahore’s National College of Arts and further moving on to Acting and Hosting – a constant since her earliest days in school – without a hint of a doubt, Ayesha Omar defines multi-faceted artistic expression.

    Looking back on the trajectory of this artist’s career, many different names come to mind and one can only commend the serious determination in seeing Ayesha strive to see her passion materialize into what she is today. With Singing being her primary focus, Ayesha followed with releasing an album entitled ‘Khamoshi’, a project for which she composed and wrote all songs, ensuring that a true representation of her expression shone through.

    On her experience with being a part of Coke Studio this Season:
    ‘Looking back on this experience, I’ve learnt to relax. When you’re a part of the media you become used to being ‘captured’ all the time, which means there is a lot of focus on how you look, what you say and how you visually express. When you’re singing, you’re in a completely different zone. This experience has taught me to just get lost in your own zone, be open to all sorts of new ideas, nothing is impossible and that everything should be tried.’

    This Season, Coke Studio welcomes Ayesha to the fold as she reconnects with her Eastern Classical roots.

    Watch artist profile below:

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