Atif Aslam in Coke Studio Season 6 – Artist Profile


Atif Aslam is considered one of the biggest voices in the Subcontinent today with a fan reach that spans across the globe. It all began with a song that pulled the star under the spotlight – ‘Aadat’. Following this, Atif now stands as one of Pakistan’s paramount musicians with international tours lined constantly, 3 albums to his name, multiple Bollywood singles, several international collaborations, to just name a few of this man’s many achievements. Hailing from the cultural hub of Lahore, Atif had initially chosen to pursue Cricket, however he was encouraged by his friends to pursue Singing. Atif has also made appearances in quite a few films to date with his debut acting experience in the acclaimed Pakistani film ‘Bol’ in 2011. His music has also been featured in Hollywood films – namely ‘Man Push Cart’ and Mira Nair’s ‘The Reluctant Fundamentalist’.

In the pursuit of his dream, Atif Aslam shares his learnings:

‘ When you do something like this, you don’t really think about where you want to go. The sky is the limit. Everyday, there is a new idea and a new approach and I like to try things out differently each time. Success and Art are two separate things. To me, Success is something you cannot ever achieve; it will always be as much as what is written for you. Other than that there’s nothing more you can earn, as there is nothing further to benefit you. If you have faith in the fact that you’ll get what you need and you’re happy with it, there’s no other feeling like it.’

Atif is a household name to Coke Studio having performed in Seasons 2 and 3. With his diverse mix of pop ballads and soulful traditional pieces, this Season Atif rejoins Coke Studio to exhibit his range as a musician in experimenting with catchy rhythms interspersed with Sufi elements.

Watch Atif Aslam’s artist profile below:

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