Asad Abbas in Coke Studio Season 6 – Artist Profile


asad-abbas-coke-studio-season-6In bridging the depths of eastern classical with the contemporary styles of today’s music, we find ourselves in the company of Asad Abbas. With classical music forms engraved in his upbringing due to his family’s eminent background in the field and the apprenticeship under his Guru – Ustaad Hassan Saadiq – Asad Abbas is an ambassador of folk and traditional music set within the ever evolving modern music arena.

Asad first caught the public eye after winning the first season of Pakistan Sangeet Icon after which he has collaborated with the acclaimed Mekaal Hasan Band, hosted a music show by the name of ‘Yeh Sham Mastaani’ and has recently seen his songs feature in Bollywood films.

‘Our Music began a long, long time ago. Our region primarily listens to our Folk music yet so does the rest of the world. It has its own unique style that is also new to the rest of the world. Our singers are unique. Pakistan has such talent. So through our Music, the rest of the world is able to learn something new about who we are. And that’s the great thing about being on Coke Studio because while it is a great platform for artists to perform, it is also a real learning for artists to experience and understand new sounds.’

This Season Coke Studio brings Asad Abbas onboard to experience the magic of linking the roots of classical and contemporary sounds.

Watch artist profile below:

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