Overload’s Farhad Humayun Chosen by Porsche


[PR]: Porsche Pakistan chose Overload’s Farhad Humayun to participate in a recent photo shoot done by the brand to celebrate fifty years of the iconic Porsche 911.

Farhad Humayun becomes new face of Porsche

In the words of the Marketing Manager Porsche Pakistan, Ansa Hasan: “In celebration of this renowned car and its performance, style and design over the years Porsche Pakistan collaborated with well-known photographer Faisal Farooqui and Hello! Magazine to put together a series of six shoots called the Porsche Style Diaries. Starting from July 2013 this series will be featured in six different issues of Hello! Pakistan. The concept behind the shoot was to work with six top professionally trained and qualified stylists in the country styling six different personalities who were selected on the basis of the heights they have reached in their respective fields. The criteria for this selection was based on talent, achievements, the precision in the quality of their work and lastly and most importantly-their style.”

Porsche Pakistan has showcased six different 911 models from six different years to recognize and associate their brand name with six different personalities that Porsche feels have excelled in their respective fields, Farhad Humayun being one of them. They have placed the Porsche mark of excellence and intelligent performance on these people and their achievements via this series of shoots.

Farhad comments regarding his experience working with Porsche: “It’s always tricky working with brands because you have to be on the same wavelength in terms of taste and sensibility. With Porsche I had no such concerns. I knew it would be cool and I would appear as myself, not as an actor or model. It’s great when a brand like that respects your contribution to good energy in the world.”

According to Ansa, Porsche Pakistan’s reason for specifically choosing Farhad for the Hello! Pakistan July issue photo shoot is that he has consistently throughout his life remained focused on his music career. He started off as a session player and in college he was undoubtedly the best drummer ever heard in Pakistan. As time went on, he did more with his music and his career, taking it to places where the youth followed. He was unique, his talent was incredible and he had style.

In regards to having Farhad Humayun as part of this shoot, Ansa (Marketing Manager, Porsche Pakistan) further states: “Farhad has just gotten better with time, and for Porsche it’s important to identify with someone who fits right in with our slogan – “Porsche Intelligent Performance.” As a brand, we identify more with superior performance.”

The Porsche model featured with Farhad in the shoot was the 1994 911 Turbo in Speed Yellow. So stay tuned to the Porsche Pakistan page for images from what promises to be an exciting and very chic project.


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