Overload – Nimmi Nimmi (Music Video/Download Mp3)



Nimmi Nimmi is Overload’s first video in over a year.

Band: Overload
Song: Nimmi Nimmi
Produced by Farhad Humayun
Recorded & Mixed at Riot Studios, Lahore by Farhad Humayun & Sheraz Siddiq
Mastered by Frank Arkwright at Abbey Road Studios, London

Vocals & Drums Farhad Humayun
Keyboards Sheraz Siddiq
Dhol Nasir Sain

Guitar Sarmad Ghafoor
Bass Farhan Ali

[Pakistan, 24th November 2014]: Overload’s achievements, as a band, in the past decade resulted in their being known as one of the biggest acts to have come out of Pakistan in recent times: an internationally successful, critically acclaimed rock band, topping charts and performing at sold out venues in an era where that concept seems almost extinct in Pakistan. The band’s recent music videos are a gleaming example of their creatively ambitious work, and Overload has managed to surpass expectations yet again with the release of their soulful balled ‘Nimmi Nimmi’ which is supported by a powerful video.
Nimmi Nimmi, which officially released on Sunday 23rd November, 2014, is a departure for the band from their signature rock/fusion genre. The nearly five and a half minute long track is a power ballad with soulful lyrics about lost love. With music produced by the two members Farhad Humayun and Sheraz Siddiq, fans will get to hear Farhad’s vocals as they have never heard them before
The song can be heard here: https://soundcloud.com/farhad-humayun/nimmi-nimmi_overload
The music video is directed by Farhad Humayun, who has earlier directed some award winning videos for Overload such as Mela Kariye, Batti and Ankahi. Nimmi Nimmi’s video depicts the void in a man’s life after losing a loved one & subsequently a part of himself, even though he possesses all things fancy & material.

Describing the inspiration behind the song and video, Farhad Humayun said “I have always been extremely observant of my surroundings and tried capturing feelings more than thoughts. My videos are a collage of visuals that I like to picture in my head. The song Nimmi Nimmi came together on its own. The music and words seemed to find their way together at the studio when Sheraz (Keyboardist of Overload) played some chords casually on the piano. Overload has always been my outlet to express my feelings without caring about whatever rules or trends the music industry is following”.

The wardrobe and styling for Nimmi Nimmi’s video is done by Uzma Rao, while make-up is by Khawar Riaz & Art Directon by Navid Shahzad.
Nimmi Nimmi is another step in a new direction for a band that’s never been content with staying in place.


Take a listen to the song below:

Watch music video below:

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