Ali Zafar Upset for dwindle of Pop Music


Ali Zafar, the most promising actor cum singer pakistan has ever produced – lies among the list of those who by all means not at all resistible in the talented music industry of the both pakistan and its neighbouring country. The singer is upset for the attenuation of pop music culture, and is hopeful that he would love to do something to save it, but admits he can’t bring about the change single-handedly.

Ali Zafar Upset For Dwindle Of Pop Music

Ali expressed his thoughts and said,”It’s sad that pop music is fading these days. I can’t individually get it back myself. Sadly, radios don’t play the songs of private albums and channels don’t give priority to private music videos. So how can you expose yourself to the people? You can’t.

He feels that pop music should have enough space to co-exist with film music. “I think pop music will come back with time. The pop independent music should be given a chance to exist simultaneously along with the film industry as it happens in the west. I think, the mechanism needs to be devised soon. I am into Bollywood, so I can’t complain that much but all these young boys and girls, who have excellent talent, should be given a chance to showcase their talent,” he added.

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