Close Up Pakistan and Ali Gul Pir in search of “Viral Saeen 2013”


Coca Cola beverages Pakistan came up with first type of its kind musical show “Coke Studio” with talented producer Royail Hyatt; after that multinationals in Pakistan are always in purse to makeup similar kind of TV Shows which add up to their brand equity. Obviously businesses are never intended to do something good to other without profiting their own selves; I can say that as I myself is a business student. Coke Studio earned big chunk of goodwill to Coca Cola. On the front end; it was made to look like something good for music industry which actually ended up well as the show was able to grab attention of audiences all around the country. After Coke Studio; Pakistan witnessed similar musical show “Uth Records” by Ufone. Later we had “Nescafe Basement” by Nescafe brand. Such collaborations between business and music industry should be appreciated because no matter what its goal indeed is to earn brand goodwill & left audiences with mesmerizing experience.

Unilever who holds multiple successful brands in Pakistan has also landed its foots in this “branding war”. With its toothpaste brand Close Up Pakistan they came up with a new Internet based reality show. Ali Gul Pir (the talented stand up comedian from Karachi) who got popular with his first musical video Saeen to Saeen is brand ambassador of this show. His video Saeen to Saeen went viral in Pakistan last year in few days. People went crazy; graphic designer got their new topic of creativity; Facebook geeks went on making pages on the popular phrase “Saeen to Saeen”.

Ali Gul Pir and CloseUP Pakistan in search of Viral Saeen 2013

Now; Close Up Pakistan and Ali Gul Pir are finding the viral video of 2013. The internet-based reality show is titled “Viral Saeen 2013“. The game is simple; yet challenging and li-creative. Saeen to Saeen was more like a concept that got heard. “Viral Saeen 2013” is aimed to find viral concept; which could be a musical video, sketch, prank, stunt or any type of motion that your mind can come up with. Virality on social media is described in terms of “LIKES” and “SHARES”; basically its maximum amount of impressions you are able to win. All the submissions will be judged by Ali Gul Pir himself and panel at Close Up Pakistan. Finalist concepts will be converted to Video form and pulled through Close Up Pakistan Facebook Page; 1 Like = 1 Point and 1 Share = 2 Point. Therefore, if a video gets 100 likes and 2 shares; total points will be (100+4)=104. The winner will be get Canon EOS – 7D and an opportunity to create the next Close up confidence video with Ali Gul Pir. Plagiarism is not allowed and will result in disqualification. The content should be yours. Last date to submit entries is March 28, 2013. Send your concept at

Check out official promotional images; explaining the selection and winning criteria.

Drop in your comments about the show concept; do you think the show will be able to get “Viral” object for hungry Pakistani Social Pages to share this time? 😀

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