Ali Zafar merges fine art with performing art



It was a brand’s annual soiree and the multifaceted Ali Zafar was there to weave up something special. And special he did!
At the star-studded extravaganza in Karachi, Ali brought out the artist in him — being a fine arts graduate and a painter himself. He skilfully merged fine art with performing art and created live on stage a painting with, wait for it, melted chocolate! The artwork was titled ‘Will you Still Love Her’ and the concept or narrative behind it was penned by Ali himself, which goes like:

When dreams seem like reality;
The reality like a dream,
Is love really timeless;
As timeless as it may seem?
What does freedom stand for
What does it really mean?

During the gala – that included a fashion presentation as well, Ali up went on stage clad in monochrome formals and, for the sake of some drama, draped a model in a white cloth, which extended into the audience. After wrapping the cloth around her, he then undraped it, placing the model behind a blank canvas that only covered her face.
He then went to paint a face on the canvas with melted chocolate, as he imagined it to be, and at which moment the audience seemed quite fascinated by what he was upto. After completing the face, Ali flipped the canvas to reveal a surreal image of a woman with a butterfly covering her face – depicting his own interpretation of several aspects of women: their multifaceted beauty; their freedom; their ageless beauty and that there is much more to a woman than what is visible.
The entire art piece was accompanied by an interpretive performance from Joshinder Chaggar.

Check out the pictures:

ali-zafar-merges-fine-art-with-performing-art-1 ali-zafar-merges-fine-art-with-performing-art-2 ali-zafar-merges-fine-art-with-performing-art-3 ali-zafar-merges-fine-art-with-performing-art-4 ali-zafar-merges-fine-art-with-performing-art-5

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