Humaima Malik’s Fight mystery revealed


The actress who got her sky high fame from Shoaib Mansoor’s renowned film “Bol”. You guessed that right, its Humaima Malik who recently got indulged in a controversy in UK which then made international headlines. The incident took place when Humaima was making her way to a trendy hang out with friends, followed by the fans and media which resulted in a street fight in a bid to get a picture with her. The two gentlemen mentioned were seen coming to blows over the multitalented star who was astonished at the sight before her.
Humaima Maliks

The fact has now been disclosed that the so called incident was in fact, a natural part of the recent music video clip being shot for Rishi Rich’s latest single wherein Humaima Malik has got the starring role. The video is in the production phases and will be released in the upcoming months.

The song is reportedly produced by Rishi Rich himself and his production protégé Naamless is also said to have worked on the track. Humaima who may have charmed us with her refreshing personality and also critical acting chops proceeds to handle modelling and acting efficiently. Only time will reveal what is stored there in the box for fans, by the makers.

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