Veena Malik in headlines again : Most Kisses on Hand


She do what she says; earlier we reported Veena Malik to make world record of kisses back in November. Yestarday, Veena Malik celebrated her 28th birthday (though we are unsure of her actual birth year, as various sources gives different birth year for her; that actually shows how controversial Veena is). She know how to make headlines, get sympathies, raise TRP’s for producers; this time Veena played really well.
Veena Malik recieved 137 kisses on her hand - 9

Veena is excited for her new flick “The City that never Sleeps”. She finally entered her name in Guiness World Records by receiving 137 kisses on her hand in one minute. The record was actually a publicity stunt for the new movie.

Let’s have something from “Drama Queen” herself:
“I am a celebrity anyway and if you say that it is for publicity, ok, yeah, we need publicity for ‘The City That Never Sleeps’,” – Veena Malik

Currently, the record for the most kisses received in one minute is 125 held by Tanoshingo (Japan) on the set of Arabikidan (TBS) on 23 February 2011. From Bollywood the record was previously held by Salman Khan by having 108 kisses in one minute. She does not stops here; the movie is planned to break more records.

“We have to break 20 records for the film and this is one of the records,Long back we decided that I will break this record on my birthday and now we have to break 19 more records for ‘The City That Never Sleeps’,” Veena added.

Salman Khan is dream face for many women; Veena is also among them.
“I would like to kiss the actor who does not like kissing on-screen and he is our ‘Dabangg’ Khan Salman Khan. I think that would be beautiful if we have a kiss on-screen.”

Check out pictures from the record breaking event below:

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