Rambo Wants To Join Production Club, but when?


when it comes to entertainment, nobody can do it better except Afzal Khan, popularly known as Rambo. It has been 20 years, since he played the character of Rambo in PTV drama Guest House — this role earned him a title he is proudly living with till date. The actor now a days can be seen in Express Entertainment morning show, Rambo,Sahiba aur Aap.

Rambo Wants To Join Production Club

The comedian is in deep love with Lollywood, but he is enjoying his time in the media. He said,”Not many films are being made right now, but if you say this is a permanent thing, then I am not ready to accept it, Maybe not today or tomorrow, but films will be made again because when it comes to entertainment, the biggest medium is ultimately film.”

“Some friends of mine in television have started making films which is a good thing but they will have to integrate people who are actually associated with this industry. The project will have the risk of looking more like a long play as compared to a commercial film,” he added.

Rambo too wants to join production club of Lollywood, but took a back seat because of the circumstances in the film industry. He continued,”I’ve wanted to make a comedy film for a while now, but these days it’s all about action. I had considered the commercial value of doing so as well but then the industry’s situation was not that healthy either.” However despite all these hurdles which he is facing , Rambo says if he ever makes a film, it will purely be comedy.

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