Qurani Ayaat On Race 2 Posters start another Controversy


Controversies related to Indian movies seem like a daily routine now, and is becoming a common phenomenon for movie makers to play with Muslim sentiments, give rise to a controversy and and then gain some cheap publicity. This time a recently released movie Race 2 posters featured verses from the Quran. The protest of Pakistani Muslims have escalated after the movie passed all the tests by the censor board of Pakistan and is successfully running under the banner of Geo films.

Qurani Ayaat Found On Race 2 Posters

The poster of the film includes a mosque, which has Quranic Ayaat on the dome’s ceiling. The image of the poster with Quranic verse went viral over the social networking website Facebook. People criticized the poster and have also criticized Pakistani media especially Geo television network for promoting the films which are hurting the feeling of Muslims.

Most of the controversies related to Indian Movies are linked with Saif Ali Khan, whose movies like “Qurban” and “Agent Vinod” also went through such circumstances, and ultimately got banned in Pakistan. Whats worrying is that the movie directors or anybody behind it simply says, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt sentiments of any religion” and its over. The person responsible for it gets away and we see the same thing repeating after some days.

Muslims of Pakistan have been protesting peacefully, since the day it came into the notice. Tv Channels haven’t even responded to the protest, as they are only fond of reporting violent protests.

Image via Dunya TV


Updated 5 Janurary 2013 – 10:30 PM: Dunya TV is being accused of promoting the controversial image poster. Reportedly, the image poster shared by Tips Films do not contain any Quranic Ayaah. Watch here

Updated 5 Janurary 2013 – 11:13 PM: While Tips Films shared an image poster that didn’t have any Quranic Ayaah, the official IMDB page for Race 2 Film has the original poster that might have stirred controversy. Watch Here

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