Only 10 percent Pakistani Viewers Are Interested In Turkish Dramas: Gallup Pakistan


There was a time in the country when people used to spend their night in front of the television to watch Indian drama serials. Fearing that the situation might get out of hand because of the negative impact on the society and the youth, PEMRA (Pakistan Electronic Media Regularity Authority) made the wise decision of banning Indian drama serials. Now a new wave of Turkish dramas are getting out of the surface and some people are considering them as a threat to Pakistani drama industry, and are demanding a Ban on them.


Turkish Dramas Only Have 10 percent Viewership


But in reality, only 10% of total Pakistani viewers have the viewership of these Turkish dramas. These stats are revealed by Gallup Pakistan, after conducting a nationwide survey. The result didn’t look to be threatening at all. In survey, a nationally representative sample of men and women from across the four provinces was asked “Kindly tell, did you get a chance to watch Turkish dramas on Pakistan entertainment channels? If yes, then what channel did you watch that drama on?” In reply to the above question, 10 percent of the respondents claimed that they have watched Turkish dramas on Pakistani entertainment channels whereas remaining 90 percent claimed that they have not seen any Turkish drama. Among these 10 percent viewers, 60 percent claimed that they have watched these dramas on Urdu One channel, while 33 percent claim to watch it on Express Entertainment and 4 percent cited other channels.

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