Vital Signs Re-United? Launching new Track “Naya Pakistan”


vital signs in karachi studioA blast from the past, Vital Signs and Junoon- two of the greatest and most listened pop bands from the 90’s, took Pakistani music industry like a storm in their era. The founding members of both the legendary band, namely Salman AhmadShahi HasanNusrat Hussain and none other than Junaid Jamshed, after years of their separation were reportedly having a get-together in a Karachi Based Studio.

The news is definitely a treat for the fans, and clearly shows that something is brewing down there in the studio. The musicians are gearing up to release a new track titled as “Naya Pakistan”. This track most probably will be a patriotic song, keeping in view the current sickness of the country, but the most important thing which is causing the excitement among the music fans is the re-union of these pop giants from the past.

Talking in terms of the song, the track is currently being recorded at Indus World Music Studio that is run by Shahi Hassan in Karachi. Some snaps of the musicians are released over internet, which shows the the EX band members having a chit chat. Being the biggest and the most desirable collaboration, which happened to Pakistani music biz in the recent past, the expectations of the fans are a bit high.

Let us know, what you people are expecting from these extravagant musicians? Aur Kaisa hoga “Naya Pakistan”?

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