Nusrat Hussain Returns to the Music Industry after 19 Years


Not familiar with the legend Nusrat Hussain? I do not blame you dispelling the legend as a myth because it has been nearly two decades since Nusrat Hussain did something for a field he always craved for: The Pakistani music industry. For those who are unfamiliar with Nusrat Hussain, he has been part of two of the strongest and influential bands in Pakistan: Vital Signs and Junoon; taking the responsibility of keyboards and lead guitar for both of the bands.

After much success as a band member, Hussain decided to fly solo and released an album of his own titled, ‘Amrit’. Later on, Hussain took a break from the music scene and started to train in order to become an airline pilot which launched his professional career as the pilot for the Airbus A310 of PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) as a captain. Despite taking a break for nearly two decades, the legend has revealed, “Music has never really been out of me.”

As far as Nusrat Hussain’s comeback is concerned, he released a single titled ‘Maza Dard Ka’ and aims to release a second album titled ‘kaho’ during fall. “It’s just something I had to do, but it got delayed by 15 years,” said Hussain, referring to his album. “These songs were about where we are going as a country. It is quite depressing that nothing has changed but I guess I am sadistically happy because the music is still valid today,” he explained speaking as a true patriotic musician. No matter how long it took, let’s hope that the legend uplifts the music industry; a move that it desperately needs.

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