Jawad Ahmad Pays Tribute To Victims of Baldia Factory Incident


Versatile singer Jawad Ahmad is geared up fully to make a come back to the music biz with his new single titled as “Mein Bhi Insaan Hoon”. The  songs is basically a tribute to the victims of a fire which consumed Ali Enterprises in Baldia Town and claimed over 200 lives, back on September 11, 2012.

jawad ahmed pays tribute to victims of baldia factory Incident

The basic reason behind this tribute is to create awareness about the labour laws in Pakistan. “People had said that the Baldia fire tragedy was a serious issue, But the masses did not understand why. There are really no labour rights in this country. For me, this is important, because I am part of the working class and my efforts will now highlight the struggle of peasants and workers,” Jawad said so, when he was asked about his ambition behind this tribute.

“We invited the victims for a concert because we wanted to capture pure emotions which people could feel when hearing the lyrics of the song,” says Ahmed. “These lyrics convey that pain of these victims; they describe the misery and death… the helplessness of these workers.”

“When I heard the stories of children, sisters, brothers and fathers dying, I got such a weird feeling. I sat down and penned this song within an hour,” Jawad added.

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