Coca-Cola Unveiled a New Campaign Called ‘Crazy for Good’


Crazy for GoodKarachi, January 24, 2013: Continuing the journey of spreading happiness, Coca-Cola has unveiled a new campaign called ‘Crazy for Good’, as part of their Cultural Leadership program. The campaign projects to seed kindness into the mindset of the people of Pakistan by promoting random acts of kindness to spread goodness in society.

The campaign is driven by the insight that people have lost sight of the kindness they are born with, to the extent that when someone commits an act of kindness they are considered crazy. Through ‘Crazy for Good’, Coca-Cola will be celebrating people who do random acts of kindness; and use this positive disruption to inspire others to play their role too, in bringing  a constructive change in society. This campaign is an extension to the Company’s Cultural Leadership program which in 2012 launched its ‘Reasons to Believe’ Campaign, celebrating the many reasons to believe in Pakistan to reignite faith and hope for a better future. In the midst of the dynamic situation of Pakistan today, portraying a boiling pot of ideas and bubbling sentiments awaiting winds of change, Crazy for Good takes the Cultural Leadership program a step further and endeavors to promote kindness and goodness at an individual platform, calling to people to actively play their role by committing Random Acts of Kindness to make the world a happier place for all of us.
While speaking about the Crazy for Good campaign, Rizwan U. Khan, General Manager, The Coca-Cola Export Corporation, Pakistan stated “Kindness is the social thread that binds society together; but unfortunately, people underestimate the power of kindness. As a Company that is synonymous with attributes of happiness, optimism and joy, we decided to take the message of random acts of kindness and their potential of opening happiness for the people of Pakistan forward in an interactive and engaging way.”

The campaign calls to people to go Crazy for Good and in the spirit of sharing experiences and touching as many lives as possible; it seeks help in identifying people who have committed random acts of kindness from around the country, living amongst us. Specifically, for this purpose an interactive digital platform, RAK wall, has been launched for people to share stories of Random Acts of Kindness they have encountered, spreading goodness in Pakistan ( Coca-Cola has stood as a universal icon of happiness, and over the decades has played a pivotal role around the world in targeting social tensions that are culturally relevant, by connecting and inspiring people through Coca-Cola’s Thought Leadership, and uniting them to make this world a happier place.

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