Delhi Rape Case and Bollywood influence on our lives


By Rizwana Shaikh

Delhi Rape Case VictimOn 16th December, 2012, a young female student of medicine was brutally gang raped by some persons in a running bus in Indian capital Delhi. She was also subjected to immense physical torture with an iron rod, according to news reports.

That disgusting incident was heard and condemned around the world. Indian artists also considered it their moral responsibility to raise the voice against the inhuman act. In this very context, Bollywood movies also came under hit regarding their extra ordinary bold, vulgar, and obscene content that is not only visual but in audio as well. Their public and media is protesting against their vulgarity and obscenity and demanding to put a stop on it. In response, their artists and other big bosses of industry have started defending themselves, like: our content is not meant for sexual provocation in people but to make them aware about the crimes.

If the defending statement is considered as right, even then there is no moral justification to repeat the objectionable scenes and item songs in every third movie.

Now days, Bollywood’s hottest news is revolving around the case and one of their directors has started working to make a movie on this very issue. News reports say that In India, thousands of women, even minor girls are raped every day. Delhi case is only a single reported example.

If Bollywood and its big bosses are so much worried about the case and they’ve sympathies for the died victim, then why are they resisting the increasing demands of stopping the extra immoral content in movies, film shows, and dramas. Or if their commercial interests are on stake without sexuality, at least they can do it within a limit. They’ve shown rape as well as sexy scenes boldly in the movies like Salam Bombay, Monsoon Wedding, Dirty Picture, Murder II, and many others.

Their only spicy ingredient to make a movie hit is sex. If we talk about public demand and taste, this very thing is set and developed by the content itself. First, Bollywood developed a taste of sex in their audience, now they are forced to pay the price. The public is not satisfied without hot sexy and masala scenes. And they have to do it to attract the maximum and every class of audience.

A few days ago, when there came a demand to shut down the night clubs in the country, one of their famous actor, Arjun Rampaul stated that it wouldn’t make any difference and Indian government should do something else to curb rape incidents. The above mentioned actor himself owns a night club.

Bollywood is expressing their deep condolence with Delhi rape victim. On the contrary, they are not ready to sacrifice their commercial interests.

Munni Sheela Dhanno Channo Item Girls

Giving people the hot Munni, Sheela, Chamak Chhallo, Chikni Chambeli, and Jalebi Baee and expecting them to have a modest attitude towards women, are not they living in a fools’ paradise? Either they will have to change their way, or that paradise is going to be the hell of their women’s honor. Choice is theirs!

And last but not the least, the really disturbing thing is that this is not restricted to Indian society only; Bollywood has a great influence on our own people as well. So we would, too, could be the victim of that moral decline. Indian movies, dramas, shows etc. have a large number of audience and market in Pakistan, and as an obvious result, their language, fashion, and customs are silently penetrating in our daily lives. How can we save ourselves and our youth from the obscenity and sexual immorality which Bollywood is spreading for the sake of their commercial interests? This is a big question we have to find out the answer of, if we want to avoid the things like Delhi rape case!

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