Youtube Again Blocked in Pakistan By PM’s Orders


After the brief restoration of Video sharing web portal Youtube, its again blocked by the orders of PM Raja Pervaiz Ashraf. According to the officials, the decision to block Youtube again was made after the anti-Islam content were still viewable on the website. All Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have blocked the website, said the PTA.


Most probably the blockage of Youtube is the result of Previous orders. The earlier notification released by PTA, in response to Rehman Malik‘s orders was made in a hurry, without even ensuring that the Blasphemous content was completely blocked or not. Speaking to a news source, Director general Pakistan Telecommunication Authority said that talks were underway with Google to remove blasphemous content from Youtube. He also added that Rehman Malik was most insistent on YouTube’s restoration.

ISPAK’s (Internet Service Providers Association of Pakistan) spokesman after receiving the Youtube opening notification said,” It is a good development because many people, especially students and institutions, were using YouTube for education, and were facing difficulties as alternate websites were not as good.”

Malik in his tweet last night, hinted towards the deployment of national URL filtering solution by PTA in near future, which will help elimination of all blasphemous content on internet in general and on YouTube in specific( Just like in UAE and Saudi Arabia). He said,


PTA official said, the service will be unblocked again after the complete blockage of anti islamic content. But the date of restoration is not yet specified by the authorities.


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