Rehman Malik to play himself in Pakistani Film Waar?


Rehman Malik Acting in Pakistani FilmOn 25th of March, we announced that Bilal Lashari is all set to direct his debut full-length feature film – Waar. And not a while ago we’ve heard a rumor from our sources that PPP’s Rehman Malik might end-up playing himself in Lashari’s upcoming Pakistani Feature Film Waar.

It’s a possibility, and one cannot confirm it but this could well be true because the movie’s theme is on political issues and it revolves around the militaries too. And the movie is currently being shot in Islamabad and our interior minister, quite frankly, is the king of Islamabad.

But seriously, is this what Bilal Lashari really wants? Is he really sure to make Rehman Malik act as… HIMSELF!? REALLY!? Oh, my gosh!

I probably – from the bottom of my heart – think that this guy Rehman Malik would’ve suited well with a superhero role; Superman? Batman? Hulk? Spiderman? Or probably the best of them all, Captain Ameri – Ooops… I meant to say, Captain Pakistan!?

However, one thing is sure that, having a political leader amongst the film crew would increase the hype of the movie but the million-billion-trillion-zillion dollar question is that can Rehman Malik act to save his life? I hate to spoil the party but I think I should be able to answer this ‘bling-bling’ question.

[sarcasm] He is undoubtedly one of the finest actors that the entire world has ever witnessed. He is nothing short of a terrific actor! And, in my opinion, if the rumor of him starring in Waar really becomes true, then no one’s going to stop him from getting an Oscar! [/sarcasm]

Update: We have just been confirmed by the director of WAAR – Bilal Lashari – that Rehman Malik is not gonna be the part of the movie. So take the above post as a rumor and gossip post only. Thanks.

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