Zoë & Zohaib’s Letter To Rehman Malik


Every muslim in Pakistan appreciated the blockage of Youtube in the country, because it refused to remove blasphemous content. On the other hand, no one can deny the fact that it provided a nurturing environment for almost every beginners in the field of music too.

Zoë & Zohaib, two popular names in the music industry and members of the music community wrote an open letter to the concerning authorities, who sadly is Minister for interior issues- Mr. Abdul Rehman Malik. In which they discussed the problem faced to the newborns of music biz, after the blockage of Youtube. They posted it on their Facebook page and asked for cooperation from their fans.

Have a look at the letter below,


On the other side, Rehman Malik while talking to the news source said that YouTube will be back within a week or so. He also added that a Software has been prepared, with the help of which, all the blasphemous content will be blocked automatically.



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