Youtube Opening(Unblocked) In Pakistan Today


    Abdul Rehman Malik, Who is known for his unpopular notification has tweeted from his twitter account and said that he has ordered PTA( Pakistan telecommunication Authority) to send a notification to internet service providers to Un ban Youtube. This time it is a popular decision By Rehman Malik, for Pakistani youth indeed.


    After a ban for more then 3 months, Malik today hinted that all the anti Islamic videos on the most visited video sharing site, Youtube has been blocked, so now there is no harm in opening the service. Mr advisor also said that the internet users in Pakistan should expect the Youtube opening notification in next 24 hours, as he has personally approached PTA.

    Youtube was banned  back in September, after an Anti Islamic video was uploaded to Youtube and the company had refused to remove the video. Here is what Mr. Malik has said,


    He also added,


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