Marriage with Noureed couldnt work out – Annie Khalid clarifies


It looks as if  Pakistani Barbie singer Annie Khalid is following the foot prints of controversy queen Veena Malik, as an explanation to accusations on her has came out. She was accused by her husband for stealing 40 million PKR from her in laws and then demanding for divorce.

Annie Khalid Clarifies her Accusations

Annie’s Facebook page states,

” This is to inform Annie Khalid’s fans and well wishers all over the globe that unfortunately Annie’s marriage with Malik Noureed Awan could not work out. Annie is currently in UK with her parents for the last 3 weeks. Annie’s husband has released on the social media networks that she has run away with 4 crore rupees.

Annie is currently not in a state to give any television interviews but she shall clarify and prove her innocence very shortly.

She is in need of your love and support in this difficult time.


She has got mixed comments from her fans. Some are taking it as a positive step, on the other hand, there are some critics also, who aren’t believing in her clarification. What ever the truth might be, it is sad and unfortunate to know that they are breaking it up just after a few months of their marriage. Its also shocking how the families of two haven’t come forward and tried to cool down things yet. After learning about the views of both sides, it seems that this relation would soon end up on divorce.

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