Shahzad Sheikh Getting Married


Javed Sheikh is one of the most recognizable names in the sub-continent’s entertainment business; having a legacy in not only his country’s Lollywood but has also left a mark in Bollywood and Pollywood. Not all media personnel can make a proud claim that they have worked not only as an actor but also as a producer and a director. The hottest buzz surrounding the big name is that his son Shahzad is getting married again with a woman named Hina.

It should be recalled that Javed Sheikh was previously married to a woman of his league, supporting actress Zinat Mangi. The couple was blessed with a daughter Momal and a son Shahzad but unfortunately, the marriage did not last. Being a child prodigy, Shahzad also has a fair share in the entertainment business as he currently acts in the ‘Dreamers’ drama serial.

Recently, on ‘Good Morning Pakistan’, the happy father revealed the splendid news regarding his son and also revealed that the wedding is going to take place simultaneously with his cousin Shahroz’s wedding with a woman named Syra. May the couples enjoy a blessed marital life.

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