Waadey –Animated Music Video by VJ Tahir


Musicians come, come up with a catchy song, make a music video for it, release it and leave. The music video plays a vital role in the image of the musician and VJ Tahir Aly Shah realizes that as he catapulted the concept to a whole new level by his animated music video for the song ‘Waadey’. After releasing songs like “Silsilay — The Early Days”, “Kaanch”, “Pal Bhar” and “Aurat Aur Mard”, the creative mind came up with ‘Waadey’ which is getting quite a positive response as of late.

However, the animated music video could not have been made possible without the talented animator and film maker, Malik Ghani. Recently worked on Hollywood’s ‘Mega Spider’, Ghani helped Tahir in turning his animation idea reach the pinnacle of reality. Ghani’s other animation projects are quite recognizable in the country. Bankay Mian Ki Qawali,Commander Safeguard, Dettol Warriors are to name a few.

The two got together when Ghani released a teaser trailer his short film ‘Crumbled’ on Facebook and YouTube. After much praise, Tahir had no second thoughts about the man he should collaborate with for his animated music video. With the two joining hands and climbing the ladder side by side, ‘the birth of the animated music video for Waadey’ took place.

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