‘Jenaiy’ by Shayna Colleen [REVIEW]


Dedicated to all the courageous women of Pakistan – the very first opening words of Shayna Colleen’s latest music video for the song ‘Jenaiy’. Starting with peaceful acoustic guitar notes and rubab, the song has the ability to grasp the listener’s attention and then comes a treat for the Pukhtoon tribe as Pushtu lyrics begin with subtitles in the English language below.

The music video is highly simple but a unique one as it shows Shayna Colleen sitting and singing while playing her guitar in front of poor young girls. With captivating lyrics, she highlights topics which are highly neglected these days such as unity, division of labor, bravery, hope etc in order to assure them – and the audience – that change is yet to happen.

It is an open secret that women have often been a victim of gender biasness in Pakistan and Shayna Colleen has taken a wise step to communicate with the female citizens of the country by her music to reveal that they should be steadfast, remain strong and united.

The lyrics for the song are penned down by Shayna colleen herself where as the music video is directed by Jawad Sharif, music is composed by veteran Sarmad Ghafoor and is a product of Black Box Sounds Productions.

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