Tauseef Afridi Enters the Pakistani Music Industry


Tauseef Afridi is not only a rising star in the Pakistani music industry but also a doctor as he recently cleared his MBBS along with the release of the music video for his song titled ‘Aasha’. Tauseef believes that he has a bright future ahead of him and aims to strive for it as well. The young talent has targeted to reshape the youth of the country as he states, “In my upcoming projects I am focusing on youth and want them to recognize themselves. We are the future and we should not be misled. Sometimes my music just reflects my heart. Whatever I feel, I try to translate it into lyrics and composition, with some feel in it.”

Feeling proud of the fact that he is a product of the Pakistani music industry, Tauseef explained, “It had an amazing past, great present and wonderful future. We are second to none and music industry has proven itself the best among all the other media. The need of the hour is that we must develop our other industries like film industry as well so that our singers may not rush to India for better future. They always cash our talent and unfortunately our musicians have got no better option available in [Pakistan] for the time being.”

On his upcoming projects, the medical musician has revealed that he might come up with a patriotic song soon as his target for now is the youth as he wishes to convey a message to them by his music. It is interesting to note that he gives more importance to his medical field than music as he strongly believes that the fingers which can save life are far more sacred than those which can play guitar.

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