Remembering 80s & 90s: The Best Era of Pakistani Music


I was driving alone one evening when I heard a few Pakistani songs from some 90’s era on a radio channel and this is the reason why I am writing this article. 80’s & 90’s was surely the best era for the Pakistani music; experiencing artists like the Vital signs, Junoon, Strings, Awaaz, Hasan Jahangir, Nazia & Zohaib Hassan, Fakhr-e-Alam and many more…It was the blend of the best which will never be forgotten.

This post is NOT gonna be ‘the best collection’ or ‘the top 10 list’ but rather it would help peeping you back into the 90’s era. Whattay  decade it was in terms of Pakistani Music! Lets start with:

*Disco Deewane!!*

Yes I mean Nazia Hassan, surely an icon for our country. Her tracks received great acclamation worldwide especially in our neighbors and they also made it to different night clubs across India and UK. Check out this song picturised on legendary actress Babra Shareef in a Pakistani movie called Sangdil (1982) featuring Nadeem as a lead actor. If you have watched this Pakistani movie or have loved this song in past, this video will surely bring back old memories to you. Enjoy the song and the video:


*Hawa Hawa*!!

The “Pop Star” Hasan Jahangir came in with this sensational hit and took many hearts away..The song took him to Bollywood where it received a great response. (I hope we all remember his kingly entrance through a helicopter in a concert).


*Billo De Ghar!!*

How can we forget “Billo”? Pakistan’s pop industry cannot end without Billo being involed..The famous hit by Abrar Ul Haq * Billo K ghar* was a major hit with in the country and did contribute to the local music scene to a great extent. The beat got popular among the young boys at that time!!

*Aye jawan!!*

Tu mere liye Jadoo ka chiragh hai…Tu ye tou butaa paani hai k aag hai….Oops! sorry for that….How can we forget “Awaz”!!!..The trio comprising of Haroon, Fakhir and the leading guitar player in today’s Pakistani music industry Asad Ahmed gave us great hits like “Aye jawan” , “Mr. Fraudy” and ” jadoo Ka chiraagh” which surely rocked many hearts..


When we talk about Rock music in Pakistan the first name that hits our minds is Junoon!!! A band who took Pakistan’s name to different parts of the world and gave out the real image of what this country is capable of by giving a new dimension to music known as “Sufi Rock”,with their hits like “Neend Aati Nai”, ” Khudi”, “Sayonee”, “Saeen” and the ever popular “Jazba-e-Junoon”. Junoon surely influenced many other local rock bands to come in the main stream .


Speaking of “JUGNI!!!” we have to talk about Saleem Javed, another pop artist from Pakistan who did bring some great music to the country. You must check out the Semi-Rap style of the female vocalist in this modern version of Jugni of that time.


Further moving on with an era of good music and lyrics “Sar Kiye Pahar” and “Duur” are worth of listening.. The boys from Karachi “Faisal Kapadia” and “Bilal Maqsood” when merged formed one of the greatest sensations in the subcontinent’s music industry known as “Strings’. Strings, now surely the most successful band in South Asia brought a new sense of music which mostly focused Pop/rock. The band still stands today and the success story goes on as they go on with their journey.


Vital Signs Pakistani band back in 90sThis article would completely be useless if it ends without including the most highly acclaimed band in Pakistan’s music industry i.e “Vital Signs”, comprising of some great talent like Junaid Jamshed, Rohail Hayat, Shahzad(Shahi hasan) and Nusrat Husain and with their most of the songs being written by Shoaib Mansoor .The band touched the skies…Dil Dil Pakistan standing 3rd on BBC world music charts and giving out hits like “Aitebaar”, ” Wo Kon Thi” And “Sanwali saloni” Vital signs gave rise to a new era of music with in the country which they will always be remembered for. Check out the last  one song which is not less than a national song of Pakistan :

*Dil *Dil *Pakistan

When ever I have listened to these people I have always cherished those moments that I have spent in my childhood listening to these songs. I would only say that those were some great times which shall always be remembered.

Tell us, do you have some other memorable Pakistani songs from 90’s, please do post that in the comments section below.

This Featured Guest Post is written by Muhammad Raza Ayub, who is currently a student at reputable university in Karachi and proceeding with his Bachelors at Business Administration. He has been writing articles for quite a while now mainly because he finds writing as a more comfortable tool to express his opinions to the people! His articles cover different issues related to Pakistan mainly. As being someone who loves Pakistan he believes that all of us should contribute to the well being of this nation in every possible way.

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